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Performer: Tindersticks
Genre: Rock
Album: At Home Among Strangers, Stranger At Home
Released: 2008
MP3 version ZIP size: 1639 mb
FLAC version RAR size: 1675 mb
WMA version ZIP size: 1595 mb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 201


At Home Among Strangers... 79:56
CD1.1 Tindersticks Mistakes 5:45
CD1.2 Tindersticks What Is A Man 2:32
CD1.3 Tindersticks Shadow 2:47
CD1.4 Tindersticks One Way Street 2:44
CD1.5 Tindersticks & Carla Torgerson Take Me 4:28
CD1.6 Stuart A. Staples & Dave Boulter* Robinson Crusoe 2:35
CD1.7 Tindersticks We Have All The Time In The World 3:00
CD1.8 Tindersticks James Bond Theme (Abbreviated) 1:53
CD1.9 Tindersticks My Autumn's Done Come 4:03
CD1.10 Stuart A. Staples & Hurleurs The Other Side Of Town 3:31
CD1.11 Tindersticks The Girl On Death Row 3:33
CD1.12 Tindersticks Kathleen 5:38
CD1.13 Stuart A. Staples 16 Summers, 15 Falls 2:46
CD1.14 Tindersticks Feeling Relatively Good 3:30
CD1.15 Tindersticks She's Gone 3:29
CD1.16 Tindersticks Mockin' Bird 4:25
CD1.17 Tindersticks Kooks 3:02
CD1.18 Tindersticks If You're Looking For A Way Out 5:02
CD1.19 Tindersticks Plus De Liaisons 3:50
CD1.20 Tindersticks Here 4:22
CD1.21 Tindersticks I've Been Loving You Too Long 4:59
CD1.22 Stuart A. Staples & Dave Boulter* Hushabye Mountain 1:51
...Stranger At Home 79:14
CD2.1 Barzin Mistakes 5:09
CD2.2 Four Tops What Is A Man 2:35
CD2.3 R. Dean Taylor Shadow 2:48
CD2.4 Ann Peebles One Way Street 2:53
CD2.5 George Jones & Tammy Wynette Take Me 2:19
CD2.6 Robert Mellin & Gian-Piero Reverberi* Robinson Crusoe 2:35
CD2.7 Louis Armstrong We Have All The Time In The World 3:12
CD2.8 John Barry James Bond Theme (This Never Happened To The Other Feller (Abbreviated)) 1:17
CD2.9 Lee Hazlewood My Autumn's Done Come 4:06
CD2.10 Curtis Mayfield The Other Side Of Town 4:01
CD2.11 Duane Eddy & Lee Hazlewood The Girl On Death Row 2:47
CD2.12 Townes Van Zandt Kathleen 2:43
CD2.13 Townes Van Zandt 16 Summers, 15 Falls 2:34
CD2.14 Andrew Beaujon Feeling Relatively Good 3:45
CD2.15 Poor Rich Ones She's Gone 4:43
CD2.16 Tom Waits Mockin' Bird 3:23
CD2.17 David Bowie Kooks 2:49
CD2.18 Odyssey If You're Looking For A Way Out 4:27
CD2.19 Jean-Louis Murat Plus De Liaisons 3:47
CD2.20 Pavement Here 3:55
CD2.21 Otis Redding I've Been Loving You Too Long 2:53
CD2.22 Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman Hushabye Mountain 1:55
Bonus Track
CD2.23 Hopperlane Mistakes 8:12


  • Written-By – Ann Peebles (tracks: CD1.4 & CD2.4), Curtis Mayfield (tracks: CD1.10 & CD2.10), David Bowie (tracks: CD1.17 & CD2.17), Don Bryant (tracks: CD1.4 & CD2.4), Doris McNeil (tracks: CD1.2 & CD2.2), George Jones (tracks: CD1.5 & CD2.5), Gian-Piero Reverberi* (tracks: CD1.6 & CD2.6), Hal David (tracks: CD1.8 & CD2.8), Jerry Butler (tracks: CD1.21 & CD2.21), John Barry (tracks: CD1.7, CD2.7, CD1.8 & CD2.8), Johnny Bristol (tracks: CD1.2 & CD2.2), Lee Hazlewood (tracks: CD1.9, CD2.9, CD1.11 & CD2.11), Leon Payne (tracks: CD1.5 & CD2.5), Otis Redding (tracks: CD1.21 & CD2.21), R. Dean Taylor (tracks: CD1.3 & CD2.3), Ralph Kotkov (tracks: CD1.18 & CD2.18), Richard M. Sherman (tracks: CD1.22 & CD2.22), Robert B. Sherman (tracks: CD1.22 & CD2.22), Robert Mellin (tracks: CD1.6 & CD2.6), Sandy Linzer (tracks: CD1.18 & CD2.18), Scott Kannberg (tracks: CD1.20 & CD2.20), Stephen Malkmus (tracks: CD1.20 & CD2.20), Tindersticks (tracks: CD1.1, CD2.1, CD1.14, CD2.14, CD1.15, CD2.15, CD1.19, CD2.19 & CD2.23), Tom Waits (tracks: CD1.16, CD2.16), Townes Van Zandt (tracks: CD1.12, CD2.12, CD1.13, CD2.13)


A compilation of cover versions produced by Tindersticks, tributes to Tindersticks, and the original versions of the covers.

At Home Among Strangers

Track 1 - Tindersticks - Second Album 2LP/CD
Track 2 - Tindersticks - What Is A Man 7”/CDS
Track 3 – Tindersticks - Bathtime 1 12”/CDS
Track 4 – Tindersticks - Can We Start Again 1 7”/CDS
Track 5 - Chris & Carla - Life Full of Holes CD
Track 6 - Various - Songs For The Young At Heart
Track 7 - Tindersticks - We Have All The Time In The World 7”
Track 8 - Tindersticks - We Have All The Time In The World 7”
Track 9 – Tindersticks - Sometimes It Hurts 7”/CDS
Track 10 - Les Hurleurs – Blottie CD
Track 11 - Various - Love Bites 10”
Track 12 – Tindersticks - Kathleen 7”/10”/CDS
Track 13 – Stuart Staples - Souvenir’ 06 CD
Track 14 - Tindersticks - Unwired EP 7”
Track 15 – Tindersticks - Second Album 2LP/CD
Track 16 – Various - Step Right Up - The Songs of Tom Waits
Track 17 - Tindersticks - Unwired EP 7”
Track 18 – Tindersticks – Simple Pleasure LP/CD
Track 19 - Tindersticks - Plus De Liaisons 7”
Track 20 – Tindersticks - The Smooth Sounds Of Tindersticks 7”
Track 21 – Tindersticks – Travelling Light 7”/CDS
Track 22 - Various - Songs For The Young At Heart

Stranger At Home

Track 1 – Barzin – Just More Drugs CDS
Track 2 - Four Tops – Now LP
Track 3 - R. Dean Taylor – Shadow 7”
Track 4 - Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain LP
Track 5 - George Jones & Tammy Wynette – We Go Together LP
Track 6 – Robert Mellin & Gian-Piero Reverberi - Robinson Crusoe. From The BBC TV-Series “Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe” 7”
Track 7 - John Barry – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service LP
Track 8 - John Barry – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service LP
Track 9 - Lee Hazlewood – The Very Special World Of Lee Hazelwood LP
Track 10 - Curtis Mayfield - Curtis LP
Track 11 - Duane Eddy & Lee Hazelwood - The Girl On Death Row 7”
Track 12 - Townes Van Zandt – Our Mother The Mountain LP
Track 13 - Townes Van Zandt – For The Sake Of The Song LP
Track 14 - Andrew Beaujon – Marilebone Station 7”
Track 15 – Poor Rich Ones - Fear Of Losing CDS
Track 16 - Tom Waits – Early Years Vol.2 CD
Track 17 - David Bowie – Hunky Dory LP
Track 18 - Odyssey – Hang Together LP
Track 19 – Previously Unreleased
Track 20 - Pavement – Slanted & Enchanted 2CD
Track 21 - Otis Redding – Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul LP
Track 22 - Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang LP
Track 23 - Hopperlane – Modern Collage CD

Many thanks to Dmitri, Laurent and Luigi. Without your help this release won't happen.

Concept by Compay Ferrer

Design by Vit Winsky

Limited to 50 copies.
Please note that I no longer have this CD due to a house fire, 2 years ago now, which consumed most of my CD collection of nearly 500 items, collected over the past 25 years including many rare items. The fire was extensive but we were all safe and that's the main thing. CDs are bits of plastic and paper, life is for the living, onwards and upwards. Crickey, I still miss them though, and many thanks to Bludce for sending me the CD all those years ago, sorry I couldn't save it.

This is a stunning double CD. While hardcore Tindersticks fans will have some of the tracks on the "At Home Among Strangers" CD, I would assume a very small number will have all of them. The sound quality is fantastic and the tracks are very well put togethor with a few surprises such as the bond theme and the Louis Armstrong numbers to name a few. The second CD "Stranger at Home" gives you a chance to experience the original versions and again while some tracks are familiar others are certainly rare and a delight to hear. The CD packaging is of superb quality and the discs have been printed expertly with flair and imagination, as is the booklet. Who would have put Mao and Stuart on the same canvas? The production team behind these CD's are certainly huge fans of Tindersticks and certainly have put their heart and soul into the project. Well worth seeking out.